Single & Twin Extruder
   Product    Single & Twin Extruder


MTL Membrane Tube Line


The MTL is the hollow fiber membrane filter with micropores designed to selectively allow specific materials to pass, but blocks contaminants such as ultrafine grained heavy metals and viruses, ions, microorganisms, etc.


  • Wastewater Purifying System
  • Ultrapure Water System
  • Medical Artificial Kidney Apparatus
  • Secondary Batteries, Nuclear Power Generation, Semiconductor, Petrochemicals

Ø32×40L/D Twin Screw Extrusion Line

CCM Compounding System

Strand Cutting & Air Hot Cutting System


  • Superior dispersion
  • Highly efficient with easy material change-over and cleaning
  • Processes a wide range of raw materials;
        guaranteeing a reliable production of colors

Feed Ruder of Air Hot Cutting

Twin Screw Extrusion Strand Cutting System


Screw Diameter Ø32~ Ø101
Main Driving Power 22Kw ~ 240Kw
Extrusion Capacity(Kg/Hr) 50 ~ 1000
Application PET, PP, ABS, MEMBRANE

CMB Melt Blown Fabric Line


Extruder Ø80 X 32L/D
Fabric Valid Width 1200mm
Extrusion Capacity(Kg/Hr) 50 ~ 100
Mechanical Speed 25-50m/min
Application Air Filter, Liquid Filter, Respirater, Energy Seperater

CSM Sheet Manufacturering Line

ABS & PP, PE Sheet

Abs Sheet Manufacturing Line

PP, PE Sheet Manufacturing Line


Thin Sheet 0.1~5.0m/m
Thick Sheet 10~50m/m
Width 500~1800m/m
Layer 1~3 Layer
Appliction Material PP, PE, PS, ABS, PET, PMMA

CPE Pilot Extruder

Sheet & Flim Test System

Ø25X28L/D Extruder For Lab


Screw Diameter Ø12 ~ Ø30
Main Driving Power 2.2Kw ~ 7.5Kw
Extrusion Capacity(Kg/Hr) 3 ~ 20
Used Resin PET, PA, PP, PE ... Etc
Application Sheet, Film, Tube

CSE Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw & Twin Screw

Ø115 X 28 L/D Extruder For PVC Wrap


Screw Diameter Ø15~Ø200
Screw Length 18L/D~34L/D
Extrusion Capacity Max 1000kg/Hr
Appliction Material Pet, Silicon, Teflon ... Etc

Screw & Cylinder

Single Screw & Twin Screw