Privacy policy

CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY regards your personal information and abides by the Act on Promotion of Information Network Usage and Information Protection.
This association will inform you of the purpose and use of the personal information provided by the customer through the privacy policy
and what measures are being taken to protect the personal information.

1. Purpose and Use of Personal Information
In order to utilize various services of CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY, we collect minimum information as essential
information for use as online and offline notices and statistical analysis data for providing various services
and providing various information such as answers to consultations. All information you provide will not be
used for any purpose other than the above purposes, and we will ask for your prior consent to change the
scope, purpose, and purpose of the collection information.

(1) membership management
Use of membership service and limited personal identification system, identification of individual, prevention
of unauthorized use of bad member, prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation of enrollment, restriction of
number of enrollment and enrollment, agreement of legal representative when collecting personal information
of children under 14 years old Confirmation prevention, Confirmation of enrollment, Limit number of enrollment and
enrollment, Confirmation of legal representative's consent when collecting personal information of children under 14 years old
2. Items and methods of collecting personal information
CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY Ltd provides essential information such as member's name, phone number, password, e-mail address
when first registering for service. 'CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY' restricts the collection of sensitive personal information
that may infringe basic human rights such as the user's place of birth and home address.

(1) Items of personal information you collect
We collect the following personal information for membership, smooth customer consultation, various consultation, and various services.
- Name,e-mail, phone number, mobile phone number

(2) How to collect personal information
Personal information is collected only when the user voluntarily enters the details.
3. Providing and sharing personal information
In principle, 'CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY' does not disclose your personal information to other companies and
organizations that are not related to the service. However, if you consent to the disclosure or violate the Terms
of Use of CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY or use the service of CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY to harm others, Except when it is deemed necessary
to disclose personal information in order to take legal action. If 'CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY' shares your personal information, it may be provided in the form of statistical writing, academic research, market research, information providing and notification mailing, in a form in which a specific individual can not be identified .
4. Viewing, correcting and deleting personal information
You may request to view, correct or delete any personal information provided at any time. You can access and modify your personal
information by logging into 'CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY' If you have any complaints or opinions regarding personal information,
please give your opinion to the person in charge of personal information management and we will take action immediately and notify
you of the result of processing.
5. Retention and disposal of personal information
Your personal information will continue to be available at CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY. during the service process by CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY.
CHANGYOUNG MACHINERY In the event that you request to withdraw from the service or limit or suspend your membership by reason
of loss of membership, the information of the individual is deleted by a technical method that can not be reproduced.
Or can not be used.

The period of retention and use of personal information shall be from the time of membership to 90 days after the withdrawal.
6. Deny unauthorized collection of e-mail address
Please note that violation of this law will be criminal penalized by the Information and Communication Network Act
7. Responsible person and person in charge of personal information management
- General management of collection, use, provision and management of personal information
- Establishment of privacy policy and related regulations
- Inspection of illegal or unauthorized violation of personal information by employees or third parties
- Designation and supervision of personal information handler, education
- Provide personal information or supervise the protection of personal information of shared companies and entrusted companies
- The best measures for the matters necessary for personal information of other users
* Personal information manager
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