Planetary roller extruder/Strainer
   Product    Planetary roller extruder/Strainer


Planetary Roller Extruder

How it works

A planetary roller extruder consists of planetary screws rolling on the main screws inside the rolling cylinder’s internal teeth. This rolling cylinder assembly rotates like planets with its screws mating at a 45-degree helix to extrude melted plastic with an optimal level of dispersion, gelling (gelation), plasticization and homogenization by rolling it about 1,100 times as it goes through the rolling cylinder. (Stable processing is enabled as the resin temperature that temporarily increases in section “B” drops through the heat exchange action with the resin at a lower temperature in section “A”.) When compared to other types of extruders, a planetary roller extruder can increase its contact surface area when processing the resin by about a factor of eight. It enables for dispersion, gelling and residence time adjustments and a low temperature extrusion by changing the inside diameter of the stop ring, retaining the planetary roller at the outlet of the extruder.

Compounding Cost Reduction

Due to the optimized heat transfer achieved through the increased contact surface area with the resins, it enables for compounding cost reduction by minimizing the use of additives including stabilizers, lubricants and other chemicals.


Since the planetary rollers operate as constantly intermeshing gears at a 45° helix to provide an excellent resin transfer efficiency, there will be no residue left in the barrel from the resin change-over. This self-cleaning function prevents the risk of possible resin degradation caused by local left-overs.


  • Achieves a uniform material property through low temperature processing
  • Enables for flexible adjustment of dispersion and gelling levels
  • Improved dispersion and mixing of the compounding materials
  • An effective removal of volatiles with a vacuum applied at the exit section
  • A superior discharge capacity
  • Minimized residence time

Applicable Resins

  • Soft PVC, Semi PVC, Ridge PVC
  • Powder coatings, rubber, food

Extrusion Capacity (Kg/Hr)

Used ResinPRE 155PRE 180PRE 220PRE 255PRE 315
Ridge PVC 500 700 1000 1500 2000
Semi Ridge PVC 600 800 1200 1700 2500
Soft PVC 700 1000 1500 2000 3000


ModelPRE 155PRE 180PRE 220PRE 255PRE 315
Screw Diameter Ø155 Ø180 Ø220 Ø255 Ø315
Driving Power 90Kw X 4P 110Kw X 4P 185Kw X 4P 240Kw X 4P 315Kw X 4P
Number of Planetary Screw 8 8 10 12 16
Compactor Driving Power AC5.5KwX1/60 AC5.5KwX1/60 AC11KwX1/60 AC11KwX1/60 AC15KwX1/60
Compactor Capacity 500L 600L 700L 800L 1000L
Heating Zone 3 Zone



  • Allows for higher discharge capacity at low-speed rotation
  • Low level of internal heat emission
  • Easy filter change

Single Screw Strainer

Ø300 Twin Screw Strainer


Screw Diameter Ø230 X 6 L/D Ø250 X 6 L/D Ø280 X 6 L/D Ø300 X 6 L/D Ø350 X 6 L/D
Main Driving Power 90Kw X 6P 110Kw X 6P 125Kw X 6P 150Kw X 6P 220Kw X 6P
Extrusion Capacity(Kg/Hr) 1500 2000 2500 3000 4000
Clamping Method Hydraulic Chucking System
Heating Zone 3 Zone ( Dual Head , Cylinder , Screw )